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The I AM MAMA campaign is one that is incredibly close to our hearts here at Mrs. OT.
Over the years, particularly since becoming a mother herself, our founder, Kate, came to discover just how many people there were who associated with the title 'mama' yet were often overlooked, misrepresented or lacked support / community.
Society, as it notoriously does, seems to have once again carved out a stereotype of motherhood. Of what it should look like, and who it includes. There is a whole world of support that has been created to cater for this typecast - often leaving those who don't fit the status quo on the outside looking in, finding it ever hard to identify with the masses.

If this is resonating, Mama, then this is for you. Because the fact is, you are not an anomaly, nor are you alone. There are voices here perhaps telling elements of your story, and here at Mrs. OT, it's not another whisper - but a roar out into the ether.

This is for the mothers who have known motherhood, even if their babes didn't make it to their arms. For the mothers who became mothers to those someone else mothered first. For the mothers whose journey looked different. For the mothers who have felt loneliness and craved community. For the mothers whose need for community and companionship didn't end when their maternity leave did. For the mothers who have been navigating hardships the rest of us can't even comprehend. The mothers discovering themselves again within motherhood and the mothers who want to tell their story in the hope it lands on the lap of those who need it most. For all ages, stages, generations, identities, and guises of motherhood.


What you are about to read are the individual stories of a group of inspiring Mama's. After sending a callout earlier this year we received an inbox full of real life tales that we quite simply couldn't keep to ourselves. Each one represents a different subcategory of motherhood, and will be revealed periodically over the coming months with each article receiving it's own spotlight and safe space. With some articles extremely sensitive in nature we ask that they are treated with kindness and love they deserve. They also cover some quite triggering topics so please only read if you feel in a headspace that feels emotionally apt.

With immense thanks and gratitude to the wonderful Mama's who have provided such raw, thought provoking dialogues, it is now, in fact, time to let them do the talking.

If you feel like you have a story to tell that is not represented above and would like to be considered for the next wave of the I AM MAMA campaign, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line by clicking the 'Contact Us' link below on the footer of the webpage!

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